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Align yourself with the future of color

Easy. Accurate. Responsible. Let us show you what a seamless color process looks like.

Our beautifully designed system backed with a technically sound approach gives you freedom to create and execute color with total confidence.

Discover how Coloro works

We decoded color as the human eye sees it and created the most logical color system

We took a 100-year-old color methodology and improved it with 20 years of applied science to create Coloro. Each color in our 3D system is specified by a 7-digit code. This code represents the point where Hue, Lightness and Chroma intersect. There are opportunities for you to define up to 1.6 million colors by applying this scientific system, arranged by 160 Hues, 100 Lightnesses and 100 Chromas; 3,500 of these colors have been chosen by creative and fashion industry leaders and experts, and are based on consumer research.

Realize Your Creative Potential

find color codes

Find Colors Easily

Our intuitive system is the most effective and fastest way to find color. With a simple, logical structure which can be applied to both our physical and digital products, we’re saving you time and effort. Each unique 7-digit code represents the intersection of Hue, Lightness and Chroma, so every code is rational and every color is accurate.

color communication

Accurate Color Communication

Fluid communication is key to global success. Our intelligent system offers a universal language so that you can communicate effectively across departments and industries, and reproduce the color you're looking for. Our 3,500 colors are consistent across all products and can be shared with suppliers and manufacturers both digitally and physically.

strategic color analysis

Strategic Color Analysis

Our color analysis capabilities are second to none. All Hues can be sorted into low, middle and high Lightness and Chroma segments, which means you can evaluate your color strategy easily with our 9-segment analysis approach. We can help you develop an astute color perspective, and a custom color range. By reviewing target groups, historical color usage, and profiling individual colors, we can help position your brand accurately, using color as your guide.

access range of colors

Access More Colors

Coloro provides 3,500 colors. These colors were selected from a potential 1.6 million colors. As the colors we’ve chosen are from across the spectrum, you can potentially identify and code any color you want in-between, by applying our logical coding system. We’re giving you the creative freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Our Suite of Creative Color Tools

Intuitive and intelligent tools for every color requirement, whether you need quick referencing, a full library of color or prefer to work with a 3D digital system.

Coloro Advisory

Optimize your internal color processes to unlock your team's potential.

coloro advisory

Tap into Coloro's expert team for workshops and innovation sessions which cover everything from what your brand colors are communicating, to how color affects consumers' decisions to purchase.

Make Color Your USP

Let color set you apart. Our handpicked team of color experts will help you with everything from color management and education, to strategy and innovation.

Coloro Workspace