Our Vision

What we stand for.

At Coloro, we believe in creative freedom and that anyone can realise their creative potential. We also believe that you need the right tools to do so. This is why we created Coloro. Our aim is to shake up the color industry and finally give creative and fashion professionals the most logical, intuitive, universal color system that will revolutionize the way they work with color – from design all the way through to production – for good.

– Color has a pivotal role in all creative processes
– Color has a dramatic impact on people's lives
– With Coloro, all players in the creative process can come together and achieve the colors they really desire. A huge amount of human creativity will be unlocked.
Coloro Workspace

Coloro Playground

Our values

  • 01 Focus

    We focus on what matters, we do it well, we do it now

  • 02 Simplicity

    Simplicity is in our DNA, we are direct and easy to deal with

  • 03 Creativity

    We stand for creativity through color. We work closely with our customers to help them realize their creative potential

  • 04 Innovation

    We challenge the status quo, and ourselves, to create value for our customers

  • 05 Collaboration

    We collaborate with our customers and the wider creative industry to further creativity through color