Five Key Colors S/S 2021

In partnership with our sister brand, WGSN, over the next few weeks we are releasing five key colors for S/S 21, through a series of inspiring videos.

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"Drawing inspiration from the wellness and fitness journey, this season's key colors will have wide appeal across the fashion industry, resonating with S/S 21 consumers, who desire design with a purpose and color that can cut through the noise."
Joanne Thomas, Head of Content, Coloro

Drop 2: A.I Aqua 098 – 59 – 30

Why is it key?
A.I Aqua is our tech-inspired hero color for the season, with a digital quality that’s set to have key relevance in 2021. A.I Aqua will also offer true versatility, working as well in summer as it will in transitional and winter collections. It can look both sporty and trend-forward, making it perfect for designs that inhabit the blurred space between active and fashion, and it has a level of saturation that is ideal for aiding focus before intense activity. As seasons become more unpredictable and fashion styles cross-pollinate more rapidly, we expect this color will have major commercial appeal.

Drop 1: Quiet Wave 072 – 69 – 24

Why is it key?
Greens have been gaining ground for a number of seasons – and in a broader range of hues – but for S/S 21, the freshest tones will gravitate towards cooler levels.
Quiet Wave has an optimistic and futuristic quality, making it a perfect mood-setter for the start of a new decade. The inspiration here is less about nature, and more about technology, and its pale, detached character makes it perfect for aiding mental preparation before physical exertion.

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