Coloro Toolbox

  • Your Color Library - Use to create color maps, moodboards and harmonies.
  • Organized into Hues, the system includes 63 color-coded folders: 58 folders with chromatic colors and 5 special folders with gray colors provide access to the Coloro system.
  • Each folder contains 5cm x 5cm removable, double-layered polyester swatches that you can remove and analyze up close.
  • 3 x blank folders in the back let you play around with different combinations and palettes.
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Coloro Codebook

  • Your color referencing tool for when you’re on the go.
  • One binder contains 63 color-coded pages: 58 pages with chromatic colors and 5 special pages for all the shades of gray.
  • Sleek design with new clip system; each page is easily removed and contains 1.5cm x 1.5cm double-layered polyester chips.
  • Colors arranged by Hue, Lightness, Chroma; color index with colors arranged in numerical order, 4 passe-partouts (black, white, dark and light gray).
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Coloro Polyswatch

  • Your essential color check.
  • Facilitates color communication between designers, suppliers and buyers.
  • Available in all 3,500 colors, the Polyswatch cards feature 10.5cm x 10cm double-layered polyester fabric with the unique 7-digit code.
  • Includes free download of technical values – LAB, RGB, HTML.
  • Use these to create moodboards and to communicate colors accurately.
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Coloro Lookbook

  • Your Coloro dictionary for clear communication.
  • Features all 3,500 colors organized by numerical order.
  • Light to carry, the compact, portable ring-binder presents 50 pages, with 70 colors per page in 1.5cm x 1.5cm double-layered fixed polyester samples.
  • Especially useful for buyers, merchandisers, marketers and suppliers.
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Coloro Workspace

  • Bring color to life with our digital Workspace.
  • Explore and navigate all 3,500 color combinations and download your color palettes.
  • View single colors, navigate by 3D model, or scroll through the product.
  • Find color harmonies, define your own colors and create collections to download and share.

Coloro Advisory

  • Optimize your internal color management process.
  • How do your color choices influence your brand’s positioning? How does it compare to your competitors? Will your color choices reflect the trend color for consumers for future seasons?
  • Our international team of experts will work with your color team to deliver solutions, through innovation workshops, market analysis and ongoing education programs.
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Coloro Workspace