You see a color that you love. You must remember it, you must replicate it - how do you capture it? A camera won't give you the exact match, so what do you do?

Wherever you are, take the ColorReaderPRO with you and scan physical material instead of photographing them. You'll immediately receive the Coloro code directly to your phone via the app, as well as the color's page number and location in your physical Coloro products.

  • Translate physical materials to digital colors in seconds
  • The fastest and most efficient way to find physical color in your Coloro library
  • Add the color to your design software using the LAB, LCH, RGB, CMYK and Hex codes also provided in the app
  • Build archives and curate palettes in the palm of your hand
  • Perfect for when you're on-the-go or working in-house
Price: €249 (+VAT and shipping)

“We love using the ColorReaderPRO to identify the color standard from samples we buy, which we use as a color reference for our collections. For difficult blends and mixtures, we measure several areas to define the right color hue. We are so enthusiastic about this product, as we are able to find and define the exact color we need precisely, efficiently and quickly.”

Barbara Arnold-Reinschmidt - Chief Product Officer, Popken Fashion Group

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