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The Coloro Workspace is a revolutionary digital tool designed with, and for, creative professionals to explore and work with color in a digital space. All 3,500 colors in the Coloro system are available in Coloro Workspace allowing you to play with them in different ways.

Explore our innovative workspace with our simple tutorial videos

Color Playground

Color Palette

Nearest Neighbor

Codebook View

3D Workspace

With Coloro Workspace you can…

coloro blue color code

Explore colors, changing Hue, Lightness and Chroma with cursor gestures.

coloro workspace tool

Immerse yourself in the 3D color space and explore color like never before.

coloro harmony tool

Discover color harmonies to help to identify complementary colors.

coloro neighbours tool

Find the nearest neighbors to perfect your color choices.

coloro palette tool

Create and keep engaging color palettes. Share them with Photoshop and PDF.

coloro codebook tool

Access the digital Coloro Codebook to explore the Coloro collection one page at time.

You're only one step away from joining the color revolution – using Coloro Workspace is free, so create an account with us and realize your full creative potential.

Coloro Workspace