Five Key Colors for A/W 21/22

Our five key colors for A/W 21/22 tap into a variety of moods – calming, comforting, contemplative, and energizing. These are tones with a strong presence, chosen for a time of change and unpredictability. Ranging from the natural and authentic to the digital and saturated, they connect with the world around us, and also offer a window of escape from it.

How will these colors be translated into different markets?

Golden Harvest 034–70–21

Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest fuses three big color trends – beige, ecru, and yellow – and takes them in a richer direction. It has a calming presence and a nostalgic appeal, calling to mind the earthen clay buildings and Sahara landscapes of Morocco, as well as the retro gold-tinted filters that have become ubiquitous on social media.

In apparel, Golden Harvest will work well for denim, jersey and utilitarian styles, and it will also be a great match for accessories, footwear and interiors – particularly upholstered furniture and soft décor.

Bloodstone 011–27–26


This rich color has a comforting and familiar quality but it also has a darker edge that seems fitting for an increasingly primal, global mood. It is inspired by the mineral hematite (the name is derived from the Greek word for blood), which is found in iron ore beneath the earth’s surface. Bloodstone also calls to mind heritage themes, fusing elements of classic brown and red.

Bloodstone will appeal across a range of categories, including knitwear, outerwear, jersey, dresses, footwear, accessories, beauty, and interiors.

Dark Springs 087–20–02

Dark Springs

Dark Springs has a contemplative, Rothko-like depth – the more you look at it, the more it seems to change. It evolves from the recent rise of near-darks and offers a more nuanced and interesting alternative to black. Its inky green undertone gives it an inherently natural quality, reminiscent of dark sludgy soil or peat – you can almost smell the dampness.

Dark Springs will be a great addition to your range of darks for all product categories in A/W 21/22.

A.I. Aqua 098–59–30

A.I. Aqua

A.I. Aqua continues as a key color from our S/S 21 edit, highlighting the growing importance of transeasonal tones, and a more restrained and sustainable approach to palette-building, This color has an inherently optimistic quality, like a sunny sky, but while it is derived from nature, its saturation level gives it a digitally enhanced, bluer-than-blue appearance – perfect for adding impact to your products online and in real life.

A.I. Aqua will work well for apparel in the cross-over space between fashion and active, as well as accessories, footwear, tech products, and interiors accents.

Electric Magenta 001–35–31

Electric Magenta

Electric Magenta is a youthful and invigorating color with an unreal edge – like a computer-generated berry tone. It has an offbeat quality, and yet it is only a few shades away from more typical wintry hues of burgundy and red, giving it an unusual versatility throughout the season, from transitional to cold weather drops.

Electric Magenta will have strong appeal for women’s partywear, as well as knitwear, jersey, dresses, activewear, beauty, and interiors accents and décor accessories.

How will these colors be translated into different markets?

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